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This is probably one of the questions a lot of you have before setting up your website.  At first sight, you may think there best answer is yes, I should just use my practice name as the domain.  Although there isn’t anything inherently wrong with doing this, I want to showing you why not using your clinic name as the domain name could help you in the long run.

How Search Engines Rank Your Acupuncture Clinic Website

Going into how a search engine ranks your acupuncture website is beyond the scope of this article, but we have already written an article on this, so check it out here if you want to know more about it.  The biggest take away is that the search engines place emphasis on the words that are on your website as well as the words in your website domain name.  So, if someone searches for “Acupuncture Physician”, it will look through all of the web pages it knows about and finds all the web pages that contains those words as well as if there are any that contain those words.

The search engine would also check to see if there are any websites that have that keyword phrase in its’s domain name. The search engines place a huge value on what the domain name is in relation to the search term.  Do you see how you could use this to your advantage? Let say your acupuncture Clinic was called “Blue Pond Acupuncture”.  If you named your website bluepondacupuncture.com, you would rank very well for the search term “Blue Pond Acupuncture”. At first you might say, “GREAT! That’s my name so I want to rank well for it”. Do you see the problem with this if you are trying to acquire new acupuncture patients?  The problem is that they would have to know your clinic name to find you.  That is completely fine if they already know about you, but you want to attract customers that don’t know about your.  Also, chances are there will probably not be any other acupuncture clinics named “Blue Pond Acupuncture”, so you will probably already rank well for your name.

You are probably asking, “Ok, so if I don’t use my business name, what is a better way to pick a domain name”?  To do that, you need to think about what someone might search for to find the services you offer.  They would probably search for something like “Acupuncture Clinic” or “Acupuncture Physician” or maybe even “Acupuncturist”.  Not only that, but they will probably add their city or suburb to that search phrase as well.

Choosing An Acupuncture Clinic Domain Name That Ranks Well

Do you see where I am going with this?  Let’s say that our Blue Pond Acupuncture Clinic is located is Rural Valley, OK (I don’t think this place exists, I just made it up for our example).  The best domain name we could choose for our clinic in order to improve our search engine ranking would be to register the domain name “RuralValleyAcupuncture.com” or maybe “RuralValleyAcupunctureClinic.com”.  This one simple secret would greatly improve the search engine ranking for my acupuncture clinic.  This isn’t critical to your website success, but It will make ranking for your search terms much easier.

So, before you choose a domain name for your acupuncture clinic, think about what people who don’t know about you would be searching for in your area to find your services.  Then, pick a domain name that contains that phrase.

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